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Trip to Toco Preto

On Saturday, 01 September 2007, Cazuza and I went to Toco Preto to settle expenses of Vanessa's field work and as well as to 'pagar uma promessa.' On the way we stopped by Sena Madureira to meet with Frei Heitor Turrini, a 82 year-old Italian missionary who has dedicated his life to the Amazon and the poor. He has ministered to colonists in the region and offered to go with us.

Frei Heitor wanted to pay his respects to Vanessa and he did so in a myriad of ways. [Below] is a video of the prayer that he offered in the small church in the Toco Preto community. [...]

I know that this date brings pain to all of us, but Cazuza and I hope that the video will help bring a little peace. O Frei Heitor is right; Vanessa's beliefs put her in harm's way. As someone who is struggling in his own way to save the Amazon, Frei Heitor found in Vanessa a kindred spirit.

- Foster Brown

Video of Frei Heitor's prayer for Vanessa and all who dedicate their lives to the well-being of the Amazon:

Foster also shared a heart-opening account of the trip - on which Frei Heitor reminds us all of the essentials, simply by being himself...

The Will vs. the Means - a few lessons from Friar Heitor Turrini (84kB)

the video mentioned in the text: Putting out fires with Frei Heitor

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