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I'd like to share this experience I was blessed to have, back in October, since it has brought some measure of serenity to those I've shared this with before...

With much love and all the best wishes to all,

...I went into meditation with the intention of relaxing, just letting go for a while... and all of a sudden, this hurting knot that has been my heart for all these weeks softened, opened up wide, and there she was, a smiling presence, clearly Vanessa!

I got really confused, thinking of what I'd like to know, quickly (and ridiculously) browsing through the open questions related to the stuff she still has in Rio Branco, then broke through with the one question that was really important to me - did she suffer badly when it happened?

And know what, she smiled, just a wee bit condescendently ("ah what do you know, caught in your little material shell!" - we used to talk about otherworldly stuff I tend to get fascinated with, and she used to be such a relentless sceptic, not giving the theories much of a chance - yes, usually just changing the subject at a certain point with -- "oh well, so how are you getting on with...?" ;)

"Noo, not worth mentioning", she said... like we give the transition into this other dimension way too much weight...

And she kept smiling as I got anxious - "wait wait, don't go away!" - and said, she will always be there in that silent space in our hearts, in all our hearts, and to give the kids a hug from her...

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