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a note from Mario Chacon, April 2007

costarica friends

I met Ness and Antonio, in January 2003, in CATIE, Turrialba, Costa Rica, it was a night for culture, people from around the world sharing food, drinks, love and the dream to create a better world. Ness and Antonio were leading that dream, that wonderful night. Later, around midnight and under a universe full of stars, Ness invited me to their house to share music, wine and conversations, it was the day that I knew that this woman could be one of my best friends, and she was.

We spend around two years in Turrialba. I was learning a lot of good teachings from that magical couple. All the time listen and making music, the flute, the guitars, poems form Antonio, wine and, always, conversation about how take care of the world, her world. Those years were some of my best moments in my life. After that, Vanessa and Antonio broke out, Antonio went to Peru and Vanessa went to Europe, it was not easy for me to see those good people living not together.

I knew a lot of things from Vanessa while she was in Europe, and she sent to me some pictures from her yoga tour. I was worried about her but happy to know that she was getting better every day. During that time, I had some personal problems, and Ness was helping all the time, she was telling me how wonderful this life is, so she told me something about seeing life as an amazing adventure every day. And I did, I have those words in my mind every day.

Nessi knew all the time, before me, when I should take care of myself, like an older sister, like a best friend and like a star giving me light from the distance.

A few weeks before she left, we talked by skype. We spend two hours talking about life, about her job and she was helping me to prepare a trip to South America, part of the idea was go to spend some weeks with her in the Amazon. She was so exciting and happy! All the time thinking about adventure and saving the world.

Now, I am in North Carolina (USA), sharing good moments with my girlfriend and ready to start a traveler around Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. First, I will go to Puerto Maldonado!!!!!!

This trip id gonna be for Nessie, my friend....!!!! Nessie you are a super Nova, that big explosion of energy giving life and future to the galaxies....

Te quiero Nessie, Pura vida.

- Mario Chacon L.

Mario sent some more pictures of Ness' time in Costa rica - see them in Ness' Albums

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