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Happy Birthday, Ness

from our hearts

happy birthday flowers

March 4, 2007

Dearest Ness,

today, Veronica and Timo were in the woods and brought back this little bouquet - and were thrilled to have found snowdrops and coughwort (sounds gross in English, eh, but taste lovely in tea!), both of which bring tidings of springtime!

Gradually, springtime is making itself noticeable in our hearts too. We miss you, even as we know that you are in our hearts and we will always be connected.
And the way you left your body left us all very shaken indeed. It's weird, everything felt unhinged. But we're re-hinging, never fear - even if differently than before *grins* (mygosh! let's talk on heart-phone! This ol' world is full of wonders yet!)

I deeply hope your path has been a good one, full of light and peace. And that our sorrow hasn't disturbed you - please don't worry... Who of us but you knows better, how ephemeral the states we experience as mortals are, anyway?!

And know what? I am so deeply thankful for the wonderful times we spent together in this dimension - sweetest memories, those... and am looking forward to frolicking together again in another!

Wherever you are, whatever form you have taken on, we all (and I really mean everyone who is thinking of you today! Dig that vibe, gal!) send out our love to you.

a big warm hug to you, dear sis
and happy birthday :)


P.S.: here's a little song with the feeling I send you - yeah, darlin', just SHINE!

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