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The story of Ness' plants in Rio Branco

This happened in the time when Ness' dear friends in Rio Branco were preparing her things there to be moved back to Portugal

In October, Amy wrote in an e-Mail:

Vera had a dream that Vanessa was wearing a beautiful dress and asking her to please take care of her flowers. So, as soon as we entered her house, Vera found Vanessa's 4 potted plants and has adopted them.

Vera adopting the plants

Apparently, Vera Reis did not know that Ness had plants, and when they got there, they REALLY were in dire need of water!

A few moths later, in December, Foster Brown sent us pictures of flowers that had begun to bloom on Ness' plants:

tivemos uma flor linda que brotou de uma das plantas da Vanessa que temos em casa. Em anexo se encontram as fotos. Foi um momento lindo de ver a vida brotando.

flor1 09-12-06
The first flower appeared Dec. 9...
flor2 31-12-06 ..the next appeared Dec. 31
bud 31-12-06 ..and buds promised more blooming to come

May our energies also bloom anew, just like the flowers from Ness' house...

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