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Let me go Home

sung by Carl and friends at Aber Falls

singing let me go home

Joana described the moment in her mail telling of the event:

Carl brought a veritable crowd from Liverpool to celebrate Vanessa at Aber Falls on sunday October 15th. His friends and family, many of whom knew Vanessa well, walked together into the Aber valley and up to the waterfalls - including his elderly mother and a friend on a wheelchair, who we took fun turns in pushing up the hill!

It was a beautiful celebration, poems and free words were spoken, people took flowers and threw them into the river in this stunning location of North Wales, where Ness often rambled - some photos attached. They also sang a beautiful song in harmony ("Let me go Home"), during which tears were shed and smiles were raised, and my skin was riddled with goosebumps for quite a while. It was an amazing moment, which I captured on my camera.

Like I said at the falls, it was fitting that we were close to water, with its never-ending cycle, river to sea, air to cloud, rain to river... somethings never change, hey?! And another cool trick that our H2o friend does so well is to always find its own level: its own balance point... with all my heart, that is what I wish you are all being able to do in all your corners of the world.

A huge hug of peace from grey old Wales, Joana xx

Here, the clip: in Windows Media Format (3MB), or Real Video (3.6MB)

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