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This is a poem Rebecca once wrote, and that now has a new meaning:

..."this poem has no title, wasn´t meant to portrait something that had happened in my life. I could call this poem "love", but for me it is more than love. It is about branding someone into your heart - forever. And it is about having comfort in the fact that that person has become a part of you.
I think she would have liked to know, that she will always be in my heart... no wind or rain can break her off my trunk."

The tree, standing in the wide, cold nothing
Clothed in leaves, waving in the wind like thieves
Greener than the colour of a wasp's eye
Livelier than a forgotten sigh.
Out of the nothing, magic falls upon the tree
And the leaves start falling, as far as the eye can see.
Except for one, dumb leaf.
Sure, it turns brown, just like its brothers
But it doesn't fall like the others.
Eventually it grows hard and thick
Until it looks just like a twig.
Then nothing.
Only a tired tree with one passionate twig.

Winds and rains viciously fall upon the twig
In the land of nothing, everything has to be lifeless.
They haunt the twig so long
'Til all its life is gone
And simply falls to the ground and decays.
But a tiny bit of it stays
And that tiny bit makes the tree
content, peaceful and happy.

That twig has marked that tree
Just like you have marked me

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